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Design Your Den

A den is a multiuse room where the interior design idea is expanded into a multifaceted design. The den is a room with many functions. From office space to a relaxing retreat to a student study hall, the den is a room that changes constantly to suit each individuals needs and purposes. Thats why its so important to design the den around everyones needs. Den design is easy with these simple tips and techniques to getting the perfect den.

Setting your Budget

When den design is done correctly, all dcor and design materials should easily fall into place. By setting a budget first, you can be aware of how much money you are able to spend on materials and labor costs. Setting goals and creating a cost breakdown list of materials and labor will help you get the most out of your design. Without a good idea of how your dens design is going to come together, you can easily end up way over budget and lack the funds to properly finish your den design.


A good den design starts with finding out what the primary tasks are going to be for your den. Will it be used more like an office or more like a retreat? An office styled den requires the foresight to place internet connections, power outlets and cable access points for office equipment. A well placed office/den design is one that is versatile enough that when den design themes change, the den will still be able to support the functions that you require, even after furniture is rearranged.

Comfortable Areas

Den design isnt just about having a place to get away from it all to work; its about submersing yourself into comfort and getting away from the hustle and bustle of the inner household. Thats why comfortable spaces and lush furniture plays such an important role in den design. Overstuffed couches, soft and silky chase lounges and comfy recliners make any den a sweet spot to relax, read the paper or just to get away from it all to play a game of solitaire.

Relaxing Features

For the ultimate in relaxing den design, a fire or water feature can provide the perfect backdrop to your evening of quiet bliss after a nice dinner. Fireplaces are very versatile nowadays and isnt the common burning log and chimney fireplace. Todays modern ventless fireplaces provide the warmth and glow of a traditional fire without a single chimney or flue to block the design view. And because ventless fireplaces are becoming more common, they are a very affordable feature for any room. From double sided see through fireplaces to the remote controlled burners, the ventless fireplace is the ultimate in den design. With just a few of these decorating ideas, your den will come to life no matter what you use it for.