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Popular Furniture Trends of 2014

Changing the interior decor elements of your house, especially
furniture, can give it a whole new look. It can give you a feel of
living in another place, without having to leave the old one. Trends
change almost as fast as clothing fashion. The year brought many new
designs and re-introduced some old ones.

In with the Out

The most out of the box furniture trend of this year is, putting
outdoor furniture inside. You can lug your metal or wicker outdoor
furniture inside. But you have to be extra careful in the placement and
surrounding it with the right decor. Otherwise it will just seem like
that you are just plain old crazy.


‘Unique’ a word that is thrown around in the interior design community a
lot, people want to show their individuality in their decor. This has
led to an increase in the demand of custom made furniture. But ‘unique’
comes with a large price tag, so be prepared to pay the big bucks if you
want to decorate your home with customized furniture.

‘Green’ Furniture

Almost everyone in the world is becoming more environmentally conscious
now. They are realizing that they have to do their part to help the
planet. This has led to purchases of green or environment friendly
appliances, equipments and furniture. 2014 has seen a popular trend of
buying recycled or sustainable materials.

No more Matching

This year people have taken more risks as far as their interior decor
is concerned. In the past harmony was king, everything in a room had to
have at least one common design element. A shade of colour, texture,
designs etc anything that could tie the room together. But now people
are mixing up different types of furniture to achieve a fresher, unique


The more practical
consumers are buying furniture that serves more than one purpose. A sofa
that can be transformed into a bed when needed, a coffee table that
doubles as a storage space or a bed that can be turned into a table;
these types of furniture are becoming popular among the younger
generation. They need furniture that can save some space and can be used
for more than one purpose.

These are the most popular trends of
2014. When you decide to change your furniture this year, keep the ones
mentioned above in mind. These trends will give your house a unique and
modern look, so mix and match or show you individuality with the trend
of your choice.

Company Introduction

The Outlet Homewares & Furniture brings exciting products and
provides value for their customers’ money. They travel far and wide to
look for exciting yet practical products that can make a house feel like
a home. They have years of experience in South East Asian furniture
market, predominantly Indonesian, which allows them to ship furniture
from these destinations directly to their factory in Queensland. This
allows for decreased costs for their customers.