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June 2017

The Danish retro Designed Furniture gracing Hotel Copenhagen

If you are a Holiday traveler and if you like reading about the places you have to travel, you might have heard about the ancient Danish construction which have great fan following around the world. Designers and architects around the world admire the fine architectural settings of Danish buildings. Engineers and constructers of Danish descent are the inspiration for new age generation who is seeking a good future growth in this profession. One of the true mirror image of such rich legacy can be experienced at Hotel Alexandra which is retrieved in 19th Century Building located near Massachusetts Avenues and Washington Street.

Hotel Alexandra is the beautiful building demonstrating the real Danish culture in an exclusive way. Demarcating modern trend with sumptuous ancestry, Alexandra actually portrays the different foray of designing and planning categories. Antiquely designed 61 bedroom suites, blended with conventional designs but lavished with modern facilities and features, this makes Hotel Alexandra, a delightful ride for you. Traveling on sight is fairly tough and getting assured room is equally typical so here you can pre book your room online and get high discount on the tariff. This deal is valid for online booking of the rooms which have been pre booked at least a day before your arrival. Hotel in city centre Copenhagen is expected to live up to the expectation and status of the city’s popularity. Copenhagen is world famous for its aristocratic furniture design and architectural excellence. This can be easily associated with the quality of furniture placed here which you can explore and experience in the best way. The rustic charm and cozy ambience will make your visit to the city more alleviating and accord. Hotel Alexandra is typically the best and the most amazing hunt for resting over the night and enjoy the tempting sights and dishes of Danish cuisine. Those who are finding the best of accommodation at very exceptional yet economical prices can get here the scintillating bouquet of facilities at very accord prices. This Hotel Copenhagen is one of the supreme service providers in the field which have amazing hospitality services and great staff for looking after your personalized needs and giving your proper attention. This is the time when you can actually stroll over the city and can find the amazing plexus to adore and enjoy their stay in the city of Copenhagen, the world heritage of Earth, enduring life and enticing world.

Teak Care Common Steps For Teak Protection

There is a huge misunderstanding when it comes to sealing and refinishing outdoor Teak furniture correctly. Ask ten different people and you will get ten different answers.

Some people believe that teak furniture will turn an attractive sliver gray if left outside, but the truth of the matter is that most people live in some type of polluted area. With modern day air pollution and intense UV rays due to the depleted Ozone layer, anything left outside will raptly deteriorate. Teak furniture exposed to these elements, will tend to turn black with discoloration. Scrubbing only leave an unattractive blotch look and most teak furniture owners find themselves unhappy with the black or blotchiness and decide that some type of treatment is necessary.

Cleaning: Removing Gray

If teak furniture has turned gray it must be cleaned before applying any type of finish.If your teak furniture has turned gray it can be easy cleaned with a mixture of water and TSP (trisodium phosphate). Apply this mixture with a scotchbrite pad or Synthetic Steel Wool (Never use real steel wool, because little pieces of steel will rust in the grain of the wood).Wet the teak and sprinkle on the mixture of TSP & water.Spread it evenly with a Scotchbrite or synthetic steel wool,give mixture a few minutes to work. While the wood is still wet, lightly scrub in the direction of the wood. Make sure to wet down surrounding areas before you start to protect area from cleaners. After scrubbing rinse wood completely and let dry.

Cleaning: Removing Varnish or Oil

If previous varnish, oil or paint is discolored, peeling or chipping it must be removed before applying a new finish. Varnish, Oil and Paint can be removed by sanding with 60-80 grit sandpaper or the use of a Chemical Stripper.Chemical stripers are designed to brake down the previously varnished or oiled coatings. Apply Stripper with a throwaway brush or spray on the surface of the wood. Allow stripper to sit on surface of wood for 5 to 10 minutes before scraping. Test a small area to see if finish is ready for removal. Then scrape off loosened finish by gently working in the direction of wood grain with a scraping tool or synthetic steel wool. Wipe off sludge with a rough cloth and let dry. If small areas of Varnish or Oil are still remaining, lightly sand wood to remove any remaining old finish.

Teak Oil:

Teak Oil is excellent for indoor wood but does not have the strength to hold up to the harsh outdoor environment. Most people who use teak oil find them selfs re-oiling every two months. Teak oil is also known to attract fungus and mold. With out the constant chore of oiling every few months, teak oil will fade rapidly. Once teak oil has faded and turned gray it will need to be completely stripped and refinished. There are two types of teak oil commonly used for teak furniture. They are Linseed oil or Tong Oil. Linseed oil is significantly cheaper and will darken teak furniture after it has been applied. Tong oil doesnt immediately darken the wood, but it may be hard to discern that much difference since both oils oxidize in the sun and turn dark after time. If you are going to oil your teak, make selection based on the recommendations of other teak furniture owners in your area.

Apply teak oil with a paintbrush, sponge or lint free cloth. Immediately wipe up any drips or runs with paint thinner. Immediately clean up Teak Oil spills, Teak Oil is known to leave dark stains that are nearly impossible to remove.

Oiling requires lots of coats. Wipe up excess oil on each coat with a cloth. Continue to brush on the oil and wipe away any excess until the wood is saturated. The wood should have a matte finish without any shinny areas.

Teak Sealers

Another approach to protecting teak furniture and achieving a natural look is to use a Teak Sealer. Durability and ease of application have made some sealers very popular with teak furniture owners.

Water Base Sealers will not replenish (or feed) the natural oils in teak wood. There for it is very important to use a Oil Base Teak Sealer that will replenishes the natural oils and provide protection to block out moisture and dirt.

Teak sealer can be applied with a brush, application sponge or a spray can. Spray application is excellent for spraying between the cracks. Apply a thin coat of sealer in the direction of wood grain and wipe away any excess. Apply additional coats until the surface of the wood shows a uniform finish.
Maintain sealer coat by lightly sanding top surfaces of wood and applying same sealer that you used in the past.

Teak Stain

It is a proven fact that stains will out last clear finishes. The reason is that stains act like sunscreen for your wood. Stains protect wood from harmful UV rays that deplete the natural oils found in teak wood.

Although, Teak Stains block sunrays they do not provide adequate protection against moisture and dirt.
There are two ways to apply teak stains. The first way requires that you buy a separate can of stain and then apply additional clear sealer on top of the stain.Let stain completely dry before applying clear sealers.

Or you can use a Teak Stain that contains a built in Sealer. These all-in-one stain & sealers are excellent for quickly staining and sealing teak furniture.


You can think of varnish as a thin layer of plastic on the surface of the wood. Varnish dries to a hard finish and is extremely brittle. If the surface of the wood remained completely still, varnish would be the ultimate coating, but unfortunately teak wood is constantly expanding and contracting due to the changes in our environments temperatures. Because Varnish is very brittle it will crack and peel as the wood moves. Varnish is also known to oxidize if left outside turning the warm amber appearance to a hazy white.

Another important fact is that varnish is extremely hard to maintain. Once Varnish has cracked or peeled, it will need to be stripped with a chemical stripper and sanding.

All though varnish has not changed for many years there are new finishes that let the wood move at the same time providing the hard protection of a varnish. This is accomplished with the mixture of natural oils fortified into the resins. Some companies have even taken it one step further with the use of an Epoxy resin. Epoxy Resin Sealers are some of the toughest resins on earth providing the ultimate strength and durability.

Most Varnishes & Epoxies are thick in viscosity, its important to apply a thin coat in the direction of wood grain and let dry between coats. Varnish & Epoxy are known to have a slight amber appearance and will lightly darken the wood.
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Decorate Your Room With Chunky Oak Furniture

When it comes to buying furniture for the house or office, it is a sound decision to go for furniture items made from oak wood. Purchasing oak furniture is a wise decision as it is the best way to give the house the blend of style and durability which only oak can provide. It is believed that the furniture made from oak is very compelling. There is no exaggeration in saying that furniture items made of such type of wood has been the foremost choice of the famous interior decorators. But, still there are many people who think that why they should choose oak furniture? Thus, the answer to this question lies in just two words beauty and durability.

The beauty of this wood comes from its color. The colors range from light golden to medium brown. And as far as durability is concerned, oak is considered as hard wood. Its durability makes it a perfect material for making furniture. Talking about oak furniture, chunky oak furniture is one of the most sought after types of oak furnishings. There is a misconception attached with this type of furniture that it can look good only in big houses. On the contrary, it looks good in both big and small houses. Whether you want to furnish your living room or whole house, it is difficult to find something that can match the beauty of this furniture. Whether you chose Tampa chunky oak, Barcelona chunky oak or other chunky oak options, all have the tempting look which compels you to buy for your house. Moreover, it is the widely preferred furniture for the rustic feel. Not only this, it consists a certain flow of aesthetics that can be difficult to find in other styles. It is wrong to say that such type of furniture is hard to get unnoticed.

Advantages of filling your residence with chunky oak furniture:

This furniture is strong enough to withstand inevitable wear and tear.

Its clean lines compliment every dcor.

As chunky furniture is made of stable hardwood, which means that it will be going to lasts for long.

It does not require much effort in terms of maintenance.

Its designs are more elegant and stylish with subtle work.

So, if you are interested in buying chunky oak furniture then you just have to take out some time from your busy schedule to look for the online furniture storehouse. You can even buy it from brick and mortar store but it is recommended to buy online as you have the option to know about each and furniture piece from the comfort of your house before making the final purchase.

Teak Open-Air Furniture – Reason Why Acquiring Teak Deck Furniture Is An Essential This Season

Teak Outdoor furniture is a very dense rough-grained hardwood that grows in Southeast Asia, Africa and of late being grown on agricultutal areas in Central America. Teak wood is normally straight grained, but sometimes has the rare wave, with an uneven texture.

Teak wood has high amounts of silica, which leads to a rapid dampening of sharp edges. Unlike other woods, which have levels of silica in their bark, teak contains high levels of silica everywhere. When teak is newly cut, the body of the wood is blunt, and the timber has a lovely aromatic odor that smells a bit like leather.

Freshly sawn teak has somewhat ‘oily’ feel to it due to the excessive oil matter. And one of the major facts about teak wood and making it ideal for exterior furniture is the fact that it’s so tough owing to it’s high content of rubber and oil which is available originally in the wood.

Additionally, with the excessive levels of resinous oil and silica available in the timber, they help it act as a natural termite repellent, which gives the timber a powerful resistance to being attacked by termites and other wood boring bugs.

Teak is also resilient to water and other compounds, including acids. It doesn’t have a strong effect when it is touched by metals.

If teak outdoor furniture is being planned, teak exterior furniture is the way to go. But in your search of teak furniture, verify it is of Grade An European class and has been appropriately kiln dried.

Then observe keenly the condition and fit of the joinery (joints) of the piece of teak outdoor furniture you are going to acquire. Confirm the thickness of the wood, look thoroughly at the underside of the piece, and keep in mind, the fit and appearance of the parts you can see convey a lot on the parts you cannot see.

To learn more about how to care for teak outdoor furniture and where to find them at great low prices visit us today. We also talk about how to decorate your outdoors with teak deck furniture.